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IMACC member contractors offer warranty protection on restoration projects to help them manage the risk in their day-to-day operations and to provide their homeowner clients additional confidence and peace-of-mind.



•  The IMACC contractor warranty includes five-year workmanship/materials coverage, five-year structural defect coverage, PLUS a five-year no smoke odor guarantee.

•  The warranty is a surety program, which means that the performing IMACC contractor warrants his work for five years subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty.

•  The warranty is a “line item warranty” which means the limit on covered defects is the line item amount for that portion of the restoration project.  The limit of liability is the total contract amount.

•  In the event of a covered defect, the property owner must provide prompt notice to the IMACC contractor (exacerbations due to delayed reporting will not be covered).

•  In the event the IMACC contractor is unwilling or unable to perform warranty services, IMACC will fulfill warranty obligations with the assistance of StrucSure Home Warranty.

•  Warranty provisions, exclusions, and details can be found in the Warranty Coverage Booklet.



Warranty coverage begins after the restoration project has been completed, the homeowner signs off on the work performed, and full payment has been received.  Once these requirements are met, IMACC contractors will provide the homeowner with a Certificate of Warranty Coverage.  Please note that as an IMACC contractor, you will have to fill out a Certificate of Warranty Coverage for each homeowner you provide restoration services to.  To download this file and save it to your computer, please click here or on the link at the bottom of this page.

In addition to providing homeowners with a Certificate of Warranty coverage upon project completion, you can also give or email the homeowner a copy of the Warranty Booklet.  To download the booklet for emailing, click here or you can direct the homeowner to visit the homeowner landing page to download the Warranty Booklet on their own.



IMACC worked with StrucSure Home Warranty, one of the nation’s leading warranty providers, to develop this custom program for IMACC member contractors.  IMACC chose StrucSure Home Warranty for program management support because of StrucSure’s stellar reputation, risk management experience, and dedication to the homeowner experience.  Additional benefits include:

•  The ability to close more jobs by offering your homeowner clients additional peace-of-mind through third-party warranty protection.

•  Client issues, claims management, and warranty administration are handled by IMACC and StrucSure so you can focus on your business.

•  Additional layers of liability protection through StrucSure and Lloyd’s of London (their reinsurance provider).

•  Another valuable risk management tool (warranty coverage is not the same as an insurance policy).

•  Reliance on performance standards to remove any confusion over what is covered and what isn’t.

•  Mediation & Arbitration clauses that keep you and the homeowner out of the courthouse in the event there is a disagreement about coverage.



As a surety program, IMACC contractors are the first point of contact for warranty claims.  If your homeowners feel they have a covered defect within the warranty term, you are the responsible party for resolution. If you have any questions about this warranty program, please call IMACC at 1.877.IMACC.80.

Download Certificate of Warranty Coverage Download the Homeowner warranty booklet