StrucSure Risk Management Group Announces Lloyd’s of London as New Reinsurance Provider

September 15, 2014

DENVER, CO – September 15, 2014 –

StrucSure Risk Management Group, one of the nation’s leading providers of warranties, insurance, and re-insurance products and services, is excited to announce Lloyd’s of London as the new reinsurance provider for Golden Insurance Company, RRG, the insurance backer for home warranties sold through its warranty company, StrucSure Home Warranty.

“Reinsurance, and the protection that comes with it, is critical to our builder clients and by working with one of the oldest, largest, and strongest A-rated carriers in the world, builders can have confidence and trust in our warranty products and their backing,” said Jerry Thompson, CEO of StrucSure Risk Management Group. “Having Lloyd’s of London behind every warranty we issue offers increased financial security and protection for our clients, and we are excited about the new opportunities it presents as we continue to gain market share with homebuilder and construction clients across the U.S.”

“We are excited about the opportunities reinsurance under Lloyd’s of London presents, as insurance backing is such a critical component in the construction industry, and by working with one of the highest rated carriers we have significantly increased the strength of our product offerings and our overall ability to provide more security in common business risks,” said Christopher Macaulay, President of StrucSure

Risk Management Group.

Wilmington Trust, one of the most financially sound and successful companies in the nation’s financial services industry will continue to act as Golden’s captive manager, and OnPoint Underwriting, a leading insurance program administrator, will continue to provide underwriting services under this new arrangement.

About StrucSure Risk Management Group

StrucSure Risk Management Group provides risk management products and services to businesses in various construction-related industries. Our family of companies includes StrucSure Home Warranty, LLC, StrucSure Insurance Services, Inc., Golden Insurance Company, RRG, and Four Points Re, SPC, Ltd. Together, these companies offer sophisticated financial and risk management services, including warranty programs, competitive insurance programs, insurance backing, and reinsurance and alternative financing vehicles.

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