How do I get warranty coverage on my new home? 
Warranties are purchased by a builder and included in the sales price of the home (we do not sell our warranties directly to the consumer).  Once you purchase the home from the builder, the warranty transfers to you when you sign our Home Enrollment Application at closing.  If your builder does not offer an insurance-backed, third-party warranty from StrucSure Home Warranty, ask them to!

What is covered under my warranty and how long does coverage last? 
A 1, 2 and 10-year combined warranty includes coverage for one year on workmanship and materials; coverage for two years on the delivery portion of systems (electrical, plumbing, and heating & A/C); and coverage for 10 years on major structural defects. The 10-year stand-alone structural warranty covers structural defects only (does not include one and two year components).   Be sure to ask your builder which warranty they provided you with.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of coverage.

What is “mandatory third party arbitration” and why is it a part of my warranty? 
Mandatory third-party arbitration is included as part of your warranty coverage to prevent a trip to the courthouse (and the related expenses) in the event a disagreement occurs between you and your builder. Arbitration is an out-of-court settlement procedure in which both parties present their case to an unaffiliated arbitrator and agree to abide by their decision. This process helps to resolve disagreements quickly and fairly without having both parties waste time and energy and incur exorbitant court costs as a result of a lawsuit.  For homes with the original FHA or VA financing only, you may elect judicial resolution of any disputes as an alternative to Arbitration provision set forth in our Express Limited Warranty.

What do I do if I have a claim? 
If you have a workmanship claim during the first year or a claim with the delivery portion of systems in the first or second year, you should first contact your builder as they are the first responsible party for resolution of covered warranted defects. If your builder is unable or unwilling to respond or fix the issue, please complete the Request for Warranty Performance Claim Form found in the back of your warranty booklet.  If you cannot locate that form, click here to complete a short online form to begin the claims process.

If you have believe you have a structural defect, you do not need to contact your builder first but should instead contact StrucSure Home Warranty as we are directly responsible for covered structural defects.  Please complete the Notice of Major Structural Defect Complaint Form found in the back of your warranty booklet.   If you cannot locate that form, click here to complete a short online form to begin the claims process.

If you have questions, please call 1.877.806.8777 or email info@strucsure.com for assistance.

I’m moving soon; how does the warranty transfer?
Another major benefit of having a structural home warranty from StrucSure is that your home warranty is completely transferable to a new homeowner if you decide to move within the coverage period.  This provides you with a valuable asset and marketing tool if you ever decide to sell your home within the coverage term.  This transfer occurs automatically and requires no fees or paperwork.  Please notify of us of the transfer so we can update our records by emailing us at info@strucsure.com or calling us at 1.877.806.8777.

What should I do to maintain my home? 
Please visit the Caring for Your Home page for valuable information and links to reputable online resources.