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At StrucSure Home Warranty, we take pride in our claims process and recognize that fair resolution is the goal of all parties involved.  We are empathetic to every homeowner’s individual situation and work to resolve any warranty issues accurately and professionally.




  • If your home is enrolled under our Starlight Homes First Call Warranty Service ProgramTM, please click here to submit your Emergency Notification or Warranty Service Request (please do not complete the form below as First Call requests are handled by a different department). 
  • If you believe you have a warranty claim under the StrucSure Home Warranty Express Limited Warranty provided to you by your builder, please complete the short form below so a member of our warranty service team can contact you to discuss your situation, determine if your defect is covered, and begin the claims process.

Please read your Express Limited Warranty Coverage Booklet before completing this form as it provides additional information on our claims handling, including any related warranty service processing fees that may be due.

to In order to investigate your claim request, photos of the alleged defect are helpful. If you have pictures of the defect you are contacting us about, please attach them in the form below.  If you have more than three photos or need to send photos separately, please send them to  Likewise, if you have an engineering report, inspection report, or other information supporting your claim, please also include them with your claim submission.

If you have questions about your warranty coverage, please reference your Warranty Coverage Booklet for coverage terms and exclusions or contact us at 1.877.806.8777 or