StrucSure Home Warranty is How the Nation's
Best Homebuilders Protect Their Buyers

Workmanship & Materials

Includes one-year coverage on items related to workmanship and/or materials (under our standard 1-2-10 warranty).

Wiring, Piping & Ductwork

Includes two-year coverage on items related to the electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilation, and mechanical systems (under our standard 1-2-10 warranty).

Structural Components

Includes 10 years of coverage on major structural defects that affect the load-bearing components of a home (under our standard 1-2-10 and 10-year warranties).

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StrucSure Home Warranty is one of the leading new-home warranty providers in the country because we deliver comprehensive coverage at competitive rates backed by stellar customer service, hands-on warranty administration, and re-insurance backing from A-rated Lloyd’s of London.


Contractors and other trade professionals also benefit from the risk-management benefits third-party warranty protection provides. StrucSure Home Warranty has worked closely with multiple contractor types to develop specialty warranty programs with their risk management needs in mind.


Most homes are built with pride and quality workmanship, but sometimes defects occur despite a builder's best intentions and efforts. Having a third-party, insurance-backed warranty from StrucSure can help protect you in the event a covered defect were to occur in your new home.

Custom Warranty Products

Remodeler's Program

StrucSure's remodeler's warranty program covers workmanship and materials for one, three, and five years (with an optional provision to add structural components for one year).

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Foundation Repair Program

StrucSure’s foundation repair warranty program covers the downward movement of installed piers on a residential property for 10 years after project completion.

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Sinkhole Repair Program

StrucSure’s five- and 10-year sinkhole repair warranty programs cover structural damage to a residential property caused by foundation stability repairs and meet Florida statute 627.706.

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Texas Re-Elevation Program

StrucSure’s Texas Home Re-Elevation warranty program was designed for contractors who provide home re-elevation services in Galveston County, Texas and includes a five-year warranty for workmanship and materials; a five-year warranty for wiring, piping, and ductwork, and a five-year warranty for major structural defects.

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Micro’s Mold Remediation Program

StrucSure’s Mold remediation warranty program was designed for residential or commercial contractors who provide mold remediation services and includes a one-year warranty for workmanship and materials (up to $25k or the project cost (whichever is less)).

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Manufactured/Modular Housing Program

StrucSure’s Manufactured/Modular Home warranty program was designed for manufacturers and/or dealer/builders and includes a one-year warranty for workmanship and materials; a two-year warranty on wiring, piping, and ductwork; and a 10-year warranty that covers major structural defects.

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