Insurance Solutions

Putting You in Control of Lowering Your Insurance-Related Costs

If you are experiencing difficulty with your general liability insurance coverage, you’re not alone. Many insurance providers have simply chosen to no longer offer general liability coverage for companies engaged in any type of residential construction.

Even underwriters that continue to offer residential construction general liability insurance have substantially increased premiums while modifying their policies to reduce coverage.

At StrucSure we can help with a broad assortment of insurers, products, and risk management assistance provided in a consultative manner.  Our goal is to bring you as many options as possible to address your insurance and risk management needs.

Construction-Specific Services

Our team is dedicated to solely the construction industry with decades of experience.

  • Insurers – We have access to multiple insurers which allows us to provide you options at all different cost and coverage levels.  Unlike our competition, we are not a one-market shop and will only offer you our one in-house insurance market.
  • Products – We offer general liability, new-home warranties, builder’s risk, owner’s interest, excess liability, and any other products that might be needed in a construction setting.
  • Risk Management Assistance – We will review your GL policy for free and advise as to any major flaws, exclusions, conditions or other issues which might be detrimental to your organization.  As a customer, we can assist with construction and subcontractor contract reviews and consult on individual risk transfer concerns such as hold harmless and waivers of subrogation.

Most importantly, as part of a combined GL/warranty program through StrucSure, you have comprehensive protection against third-party construction defect claims – and we have insurers that will give up to a 35% discount for the combined General Liability/StrucSure Home Warranty purchase!