Member Benefits

By selecting StrucSure Home Warranty as your third-party warranty provider, you will benefit from the following:

  • Comprehensive Coverage. Our programs provide comprehensive coverage for many different types of construction defects and deficiencies and meet industry performance standards. And, unlike some other warranties, our coverage begins on the day of closing.
  • Competitive Rates. As key players in the homebuilding industry, we understand the economic pressures facing each and every one of our clients and strive to keep our rates low in order to maintain our leadership position in the industry and meet the needs of our clients.
  • Reinsurance Backing from A-Rated Lloyd’s of London. Being backed by a reputable company is not only important to our clients, but also to us. That’s why we have additional re-insurance backing from Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s largest reinsurers. Our agreement with Lloyd’s has increased the strength of our product offerings and improved our overall ability to provide more security in common business risks.
  • Mandatory Third Party Arbitration. Each of our warranties includes a provision for third-party arbitration in the event a disagreement about coverage occurs between you and your homeowner. This provides a solution to the problem without the time, effort, or expense of litigation.
  • Flexible Pricing Options. Whether you are a large, production builder who would benefit from volume pricing, a builder who wants to share the risk in order to reduce costs, a builder in need of flat rate pricing, or a builder in need of a hybrid approach, we’re willing to develop a pricing strategy for your specific risk management, budgeting, and financial needs.
  • FHA and VA Approved; USDA and HUD Accepted; Insurance-Backed Coverage. Our warranty programs are FHA and VA approved and USDA and HUD accepted. They are also insurance-backed, which provides a guarantee of sufficient funds to pay claims now and into the future and provides peace-of-mind to the builder and buyer about their warranty.
  • A Layer of Protection Between You and the Homebuyer. Our warranty not only protects you against liabilities, it adds a layer of protection between you and an angry or unhappy homeowner. As your warranty administrator, we will handle calls regarding warranty coverage and will act as a buffer between you and a homeowner.  By managing homeowner inquiries and demands, we help you free resources so you can focus on what you do best: Building the American Dream. 
  • We Pay Claims! StrucSure sets aside a high percentage of every dollar received for the purpose of covering claims. This gives confidence in the resolution of warranty claims and shows solid risk management practices and strong financial responsibility regarding future liabilities.
  • Focus on Customer Experience. Every service provider touts customer service as a key differentiator; however, we’ve put our service claims in writing and include specific, measurable customer service metrics that result in financial compensation for our clients should we ever fail to live up to our promise.  Click here for the Customer Experience Pledge we make to our builder and contractor members.
  • The Power of “Yes.” At StrucSure, we take pride in our ability and dedication to saying “yes” to our clients’ unique inquiries and special requests. While our competitors often say “no” because they are restricted to corporate policies or standard processes, we can be flexible and open to discussions, creative considerations, and unique possibilities.
  • Simplified Membership and Home Enrollment Processes. In an effort to make it easy for you to become a member, we typically do not require certified financial statements, long reference lists, a signed personal guaranty, or a bond (many of our competitors do). In addition to simplifying our membership process, we’ve also developed a user-friendly home enrollment process where you can enroll homes quickly and easily using our secure, online portal. Finally, our underwriting process has also been simplified (ask us if you qualify for paperless underwriting) and we accept faxed inspections.
  • Transferable Warranty. Our new-home warranties are fully transferable, so if a homeowner sells their home during the warranty term, the warranty transfers to the buyer. There is no fee for the transfer and no limitations or conditions on the transfer. Homebuyers value this feature because they can use the warranty as a sales tool in the event they sell their home.  Builders value it because it helps them sell more homes to buyers who want a transferrable warranty.
  • A Sophisticated, Pro-Builder Management Team. Company CEO Jerry Thompson has spent over three decades in the home warranty industry and understands the warranty needs of builders, contractors, and homeowners. Company president Richard Poling has a long history in construction risk management and offers a diverse background of brokerage, underwriting, risk management, and reinsurance expertise.  And, Christopher Macaulay, StrucSure’s on-staff general counsel, is a Colorado licensed attorney who has been representing builders, developers, contractors, and others in construction disputes since 1985.
  • Access to StrucSure’s Executive Team. We understand that having access to key decision makers and a company’s executive team provides confidence and peace-of-mind when doing business, so as a result, every one of our clients has access to StrucSure’s executive team. Whether you have a need for a custom warranty program, have a unique risk management question, need support or resolution on an issue, or want to discuss what makes us the best choice for warranty coverage, you can call our corporate office at 1.877.806.8777 and speak with us directly.
  • Marketing Support. We understand marketing and communications is a critical component of promoting value, describing benefits, and ultimately, selling homes. We’re here to act as an extension of your sales and marketing department and will help you promote the benefits of our warranty coverage to your homebuyers. We provide all members with marketing materials at no charge for design or production (marketing materials include homeowner-facing collateral, signage, Web resources, and more).
  • Sales Training. We offer complimentary training to your sales staff so they fully understand the benefits of warranty coverage and can successfully promote those benefits to your buyers, helping you sell more homes!
  • Competitively Priced Insurance Products. In addition to warranty products, our sister company StrucSure Insurance Services offers additional risk management products such as general liability, builder’s risk, and worker’s comp insurance.  You may save up to 35% on your General Liability insurance premiums by bundling your warranty and insurance products with us. In many instances, the insurance premium savings are enough to cover your warranty fees!  Click here to learn how you can bundle and save.
  • Support of Home Builder Associations. We know that HBAs do great work on behalf of their builder members and we are proud to support them financially and through active participation. We are involved in many national, local, and state associations across the country, so feel free to ask us for a current listing or for more information.