Letter from the President: StrucSure’s New Chapter

July 7, 2017

We have a new website with a fresh look – but our focus on continuing to be the premier new-home warranty company in the industry has not changed…

These are the days of Amazon and internet sales where you buy your services and products from faceless, unknown sources.   People do want this to be part of their buying experience as it is efficient and customers see their time as a very valuable commodity.   One goal of StrucSure’s new website is to help our sales, marketing, and executive teams quickly and efficiently recognize the needs and concerns of the customer and provide an accurate and prompt response.

However, the warranty marketplace is already full of mail order type of warranty companies that are built on the premise to sign folks up with the littlest effort possible but we at StrucSure want to be perceived in the marketplace as capable of providing much more than that.

I think we can do a lot better for builders than our competition by understanding their business, making sure that our incredibly talented and experienced staff is available to them at all levels of the organization and continuing to be the premium consultative professional firm in the home warranty marketplace.

As we launch this new website, I’ve been thinking a lot about this question:  How can we serve you – our builder audience – better?   We’re doubling down on customer service, and are leveraging our experience as StrucSure celebrates its 20th year.  We put our money and reputation behind our Customer Experience Pledge.  Many of our staff have been here almost since our company’s inception, and there are more who came to us from competitors along the way. In total, we have multiple decades of experience to offer you.

I’ve been a golfer since college and I’ve come to realize that I’m never going to get to that next level by continuing to practice at the range and try to play somewhat frequently.  The only way I can improve appreciably is by getting professional assistance.   If you are Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson, you seek out Butch Harmon; if you are Novak Djokovic you seek out Boris Becker or Andre Agassi.

We hear all the time from builders that they are the “best builder with the best built homes” and they will “never have structural defect claim so they don’t need a warranty.”  But statistically speaking, you have a high likelihood of getting a claim at some point.   While you may be the Phil Mickelson of the homebuilding industry, wouldn’t you want a Butch Harmon at your side when it matters?

StrucSure is that experienced coach.   From the beginning to the end of the claim our staff is there to help our builders when it really matters.  We have helped builders when a claim occurs by bringing our decades of experience, relationships with legal, engineers, inspectors and others to bear.  When you have been through thousands of really difficult, extensive and time intensive claims with builders (most of which who said they would never have a claim!) you develop an arsenal of tools and an understanding of the claims management process that is unparalleled.

I encourage you to check out the resources and capabilities of StrucSure.   Our member benefits are summarized here.  If you are already a builder customer of ours, I would love to get your feedback on any issues, as I am here not only to help, but more importantly to listen.  You can reach me at rpoling@strucsure.com.   If you would rather speak to me personally, please send me an email with your phone number and – per our Customer Experience Pledge – you will hear back from me within one business day.

Richard Poling, President
StrucSure Home Warranty