How a StrucSure Home Warranty Membership Saved a Builder’s Bacon…

July 10, 2017

Jeff Avery completed a spec home in 2015 and with no other place to move, he chose to move into the finished spec.

In the hustle of moving and arranging a “mini-perm” loan, a traditional title company closing did not occur. What also didn’t occur was he did not enroll the house into his preferred third party program—StrucSure’s 10-Year Structural Warranty Program.

In literature, that might have been considered a foreshadowing moment that would soon lead to trouble…

Fast forward two years later and unfortunately, he has experienced excess movement on his home’s foundation. He looked at Foundation Reports that must be disclosed that reported “serious movement” had occurred… and, he didn’t have the third-party coverage that would be required to transfer the home to a future buyer.

Jeff’s first move was to call several Greater Fort Worth Builders Association members for consultation. He reached out to Builders, Engineers, Foundation Repair Companies, Legal Eagles, GL providers, and more.  He asked them all for ideas and they were more than helpful.  Multiple inspections were performed, reports were written, and strategies for correction were provided.

Next he contacted Tiffany Acree, Senior V.P. of Sales for StrucSure Home Warranty.  Tiffany went to bat for him.  In spite of the history regarding his home’s foundation movement and the oversight of enrolling the home promptly for warranty coverage, StrucSure worked with Jeff to provide him with customized 10-year coverage on his home (which would be fully transferable to the next owner).

Jeff accepted some shared liability for future claims in return for his “special policy,” but between StrucSure and his General Liability agent, he was very satisfied with the coverage provided.

Jeff thanked StrucSure (with a BIG thanks to Tiffany Acree) for the special consideration and for being willing to work with him on a solution.

Now the lesson he wants to pass on to others:
“I recommend you do not repeat my procrastination. Enroll your model homes, aging specs, everything in a 10-year warranty as soon as you can. It is much less expensive securing that timely coverage and if you have the misfortune of excess movement early on they are standing by in support.”

~Jeff Avery, Avery Homes LLC
StrucSure Home Warranty Builder Member Since 2011