Why Attend The Sunbelt Builders Show™?

July 26, 2017

Imagine an event powerful enough to lead an industry and reshape communities across the region. Imagine a gathering of thousands of residential construction professionals from every sector of the housing industry. Imagine an event where amazing professional, educational, and social functions are held in one incredible location. If such an event existed, wouldn’t you want to be there?

Well, you’re in luck; not only does this event exist, but it takes place every year in Texas!

The Sunbelt Builders Show™ is one of the largest building industry events in North America. The award-winning Show draws thousands of residential construction industry professionals from the United States, Canada and Mexico to more than 200 exhibit booths. Every year, more than 2,000 leaders in single and multi-family building, remodeling, land development, finance, and management come together to share the latest information, exchange ideas, and foster lasting personal and professional relationships. Additionally, the Show features special networking events, keynote speakers, quality educational sessions, and a solid sales and marketing atmosphere.

This year’s show is August 2-3 at the Hilton Anatole Dallas and if you are interested in attending you can register here.

Just in case you’re still not convinced The Sunbelt Builders Show™ is an event that can’t be missed, we asked Sunbelt Builders Show™ Co-Chairs Robert Wood of Robert Wood Custom Homes, and Tiffany Acree of StrucSure Home Warranty why The Sunbelt Builders Show™ is so important to them, and their businesses.

Why should builders attend The Sunbelt Builders Show™?

Robert Wood, Robert Wood Custom Homes:
As a Texas builder that has been in the homebuilding industry since 1979, I continually gain value from The Sunbelt Builders Show™. The show and its associated events are an amazing opportunity to learn about new products, and meet vendors from all over the state. Not only do I get to catch up with people I rarely to get the chance to see outside of Sunbelt, but each year I make amazing new connections that I might have missed if I weren’t at the show.

We as builders have tons of needs that are not always getting met in our local areas; Sunbelt gives us a chance to explore other options in one central location. It would take me weeks, if not months, to do this much business normally, but with everything under one roof at Sunbelt, I can literally get everything accomplished in a matter of days.

Along with the wonderful business opportunities, Sunbelt also brings lots of chances to learn and find new ways to move my company forward. The amazing amount of educational seminars and motivational speakers is something else you just can’t recreate outside of this environment.

Finally, every evening is filled with opportunities to meet peers on a social level and bounce ideas about your business off people that don’t compete with you. The social networking is amazing, and most events directly benefit a great cause—and that’s something I’m proud to be associated with. All proceeds from Fundango go to the PAC, and the Young Professionals event is a must—even if you’re not young—and those proceeds go to our foundation.

Really, I can’t say enough good things about The Sunbelt Builders Show™ and the benefits it brings to me and other builders across the state of Texas. I’m so happy to be involved with this event annually, and am thrilled to see it continue to succeed and grow. I’m already looking forward to seeing everyone this year.

Why should Associates attend The Sunbelt Builders Show™?

Tiffany Acree, StrucSure Home Warranty:
As an active Associate member with Texas Association of Builders since the inception of The Sunbelt Builders Show™ it has been wonderful to see the event grow year after year. Even during the downturn, the show still continued on strong, and that’s really a testament to Texas builders, and the strength of the Texas homebuilding community.

Sunbelt has continued to cultivate and build lasting relationships for StrucSure Home Warranty over the years. This direct benefit is one of the biggest reasons we continue our position as a Presenting Sponsor of The Sunbelt Builders Show™. Shows like this have to make sense from a business perspective, and Sunbelt provides direct and measurable value to our company each time we attend. I know that no matter what, at least once a year I can see and visit with all the Executive Officers, builders, and remodelers that we do business with across the state. This is not only great for our company, it is also a great way to support the industry that has been so good to me, and my family.

Another thing I want to stress is how much I gain from this show on a personal level. I get to learn and hear what is going on in a builder’s world, day in and day out. Understanding all the opportunities—and challenges—builders face in both their day-to-day operations, and long-term planning is so important to me personally. I truly care about each and every one of my builders, and having a comprehensive understanding of the homebuilding environment in our state really helps me find the best ways to support them as they work so hard to support and build the American Dream.

On a more social note, I have to admit, Sunbelt is a ton of fun for me. Not only is it a tradeshow, but there are so many extra events to attend—and each event always seems to create several lasting relationships.

One of my favorite events outside the tradeshow floor is the Texas Executive Officers Council. StrucSure Home Warranty always partners on this lunch as a way to show our appreciation to everyone on the council for all they do on a daily basis throughout the year.

The HomePac Fundango is a great event as well. Just good ol’ Texas fun! Plus, it’s a great chance to support the Pac that keeps builders building and everyone in the industry selling!

Another event that I am so proud of is the Young Professional After Hours event. I can’t believe how much this event has grown. It’s always a hoot, and one of the first events to sell out every year. I love getting to know the next generation of builders. Remember, the future success of our industry depends on relationships that start today, and this is literally the next generation of our industry right in front of us.

Lastly, the Star Awards is an amazing evening, and as an Associate it is a great networking opportunity. Builders and remodelers from across the state enter hundreds of homes to win prestigious awards, and I love being able to speak to so many fantastic people about the homes and projects they’re submitting. Just the opportunity to be in the room and see these incredible homes and projects makes the whole evening worth it. Plus, you really get to mix and mingle with people you wouldn’t ordinarily get the chance to speak with. It’s amazing how many times you end up doing business with the people you meet at this event.

As an Associate member there are so many reasons why you should not miss The Sunbelt Builders Show™. Even if you don’t have a booth on the show floor, the admission fee you pay will immediately turn into an investment with many positive returns.

Come learn, network, socialize, and educate yourself about the industry that supports us all in so many ways. There are so many ways you can be a part of this experience; you can easily find a way to attend and participate that fits within your budget. Trust me, by the end of the show you will see all the benefits of attending, and you’ll be glad you took the time to be here.