StrucSure’s Portals & Real-Time Resources (Built with Our Members in Mind)

November 27, 2017


At StrucSure, our goal is to make technology work not only for us, but for our member clients as well.  Through the development of a number of builder portals and online resources, we’ve been able to streamline our home enrollment and warranty processes.  This has resulted in enhanced productivity, increased efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction for our member clients.  Here’s how:

Warranty PortalEnrollment Portal – StrucSure’s enrollment portal allows builders to enroll homes for warranty coverage online, in real time, at their convenience.  Once a home is enrolled, our back-office works directly with the builder to release the Home Enrollment Application (HEA) that is signed by the homeowner at closing so warranty coverage can go into effect.

Warranty Portal – StrucSure’s online warranty portal gives real-time access to our Express Limited Warranty Booklets and Certificates of Warranty Coverage.  Once a home has been completed and all paperwork and warranty payments have been received and processed by StrucSure, builders and/or homeowners can access the warranty documents quickly and easily using the property address or Home Enrollment Application (HEA) number.  Warranty documents can be viewed, printed, and/or saved to a local computer by the user (we can also provide printed warranty documents to homeowners who may not have access to a computer or simply prefer to receive their documents in printed format via mail).  To access StrucSure’s Warranty Portal, please visit that instructions on how to access the warranty portal are provided to homeowners at closing (it is provided along with the Home Enrollment Application).


LOA WarrantyLOA Portal – StrucSure’s LOA Portal gives real-time access to Letters of Acceptance (LOA) for homes that are enrolled into our warranty program.  The LOA is a requirement that proves a warranty is in effect for certain loan funding types.  The letter confirms that the property has met all of the underwriting Requirements, has been accepted and enrolled into the StrucSure Home Warranty Program, and the warranty is a 10-year structural warranty which meets HUD criteria and initiated the day of closing.  All that is needed to access the LOA online is the property address, and upon submission, the LOA can be viewed, printed, and/or saved to a local computer by the user.  To access StrucSure’s LOA Portal, please visit


LOIs– Another way StrucSure has streamlined its processes is by providing builders with Letters of Intent (LOI) stating that a home has been enrolled into our program for third-party warranty coverage.  This letter is needed at time of closing so that a loan can be funded.  We typically provide LOIs in combination with our Home Enrollment Application (the LOI is included in the HEA packet that we email you after you’ve enrolled the home into our enrollment portal).


StrucSure understands the value and importance of our technical resources and we look forward to developing additional assets that improve your experience with us.


If you are a member and have a question on any of these resources, please email Adria Ellerbrock.  If you aren’t a member, we invite you to become a member today and experience the ease of warranty enrollment and administration while benefiting from the risk management products and services that can help you sell more homes, protect your bottom line, and avoid the courthouse.