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Since 1997, StrucSure Home Warranty has been one of the nation’s leading warranty providers for the new-home industry (and the number one new-home warranty provider in Texas).  We believe much of our success is attributed to our ability to offer coverage at competitive rates, our stellar customer service, and our hands-on warranty and claims administration.

Home warranties were designed to protect builders from being legally and financially exposed to construction defect issues.  StrucSure’s new-home warranty products provide the following key benefits to builders:

  • Sell More Homes – StrucSure’s new-home warranties provide reassurance to buyers about the quality and structural integrity of their home, making them a great sales tool.
  • Manage Risk – StrucSure’s new-home warranties safeguard your company’s resources and assets by protecting you against expensive claims, liabilities, and legal fees in the event a construction or structural defect occurs in one of the homes you’ve built and sold.
  • Avoid the Courthouse – StrucSure’s new-home warranties include a mandatory mediation and arbitration clause that can help keep you out of the courthouse and avoid construction defect litigation.

To differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we’ve focused on improving our processes (making it easier for you to do business with us) and providing additional value through unique differentiators such as:

  • Flexibility in program design and pricing options,
  • Access to our executive and legal team (in the event you need support or direction on an issue),
  • Providing another layer of liability between you and an unhappy homeowner (our warranty administrators are trained experts in performance standards, communications, and customer service and can manage homeowner inquiries, claims, and other administrative items, freeing up your resources so you can focus on building and selling quality homes),
  • Offering professional marketing materials (developed, printed, and shipped at no cost to you) and sales training, and
  • Staying focused on our financial responsibilities (including payment of covered claims and savings for future liabilities).

By offering a new-home warranty on every home you sell, you communicate to your buyers that you build a quality product and stand behind your work. This creates buyer confidence and results in a quicker sale and more satisfied customer.  And, as buyers are becoming more savvy about home buying and their builder options, choosing a builder that offers warranty protection is becoming a more common requirement.

As you look at risk management solutions for your business, we appreciate your consideration of StrucSure Home Warranty as your strategic partner in asset protection and liability reduction. Just like any risk management product, the hope is that you’ll never need it, but when a problem emerges, you’ll be glad you’re covered by one of the industry’s leading warranty providers.