Remodelers Warranty Program Details

Business-savvy remodelers understand the need to provide value to their clients in addition to managing the risk in their day-to-day operations and homeowners want peace-of-mind and protection in the event there is a problem with their remodeling project. The StrucSure Remodelers Program addresses the concerns and needs of both parties.

This program provides remodelers with a warranty that backs workmanship and materials, with an optional provision to cover structural components (coverage is provided only for the work included in the remodeling contract).  Our warranty stands behind your warranty (surety coverage) for workmanship/materials, delivery portions of systems (wiring, piping, and ductwork).  The structural coverage is direct coverage provided by StrucSure Home Warranty.

NOTE:  If you are a TEXAS remodeler, please click here (our remodeler’s program in TX is different than our national program due to different state standards). 

Pricing is a simple, flat fee as outlined below.

Remodelers Warranty Program pricing details diagram