Sinkhole Repair Warranty Program Details

StrucSure Home Warranty offers third-party, insurance-backed warranty coverage for sinkhole repair contractors.  Our program offers many additional features compared to other programs available in the industry.  When looking to select a coverage provider, be sure to compare coverage terms, membership fees, project enrollment fees, and back-end marketing support.


Pricing is as follows:

Membership Fees

  • $95 (save $304!)

Warranty Fees

  • Five-year coverage: 2.5% of the contract amount
  • Ten-year coverage:  2.8% of the contract amount

*The total aggregate limit of financial liability under this warranty is the contract price of the project.


Additional program details are as follows:

  • We offer a five-year and 10-year direct warranty.
  • Coverage is for residential or commercial properties.
  • Our warranty covers structural damage to a property caused by foundation stabilization repairs (as defined by Florida Statute 627.706).  Click here to learn more about the statute.
  • As a direct warranty, StrucSure Home Warranty is the first contact for structural damages resulting from sinkhole repairs (some of our competitors offer surety coverage for the first four years, making you the responsible party for warranted defects during that term).
  • Our warranty is fully-transferable during the warranty term (at no fee) should the property owner choose to sell their property.
  • Our warranty is insurance-backed, providing you another level of protection and financial security.
  • StrucSure doesn’t hide when a claim arises.  In fact, StrucSure sets aside a high percentage of every dollar received for the purpose of covering claims.
  • Our warranty includes a provision for third-party arbitration should a disagreement about coverage occur between you and the property owner. This arbitration process benefits all parties by providing a solution to the problem without the time, energy, and expense of litigation.
  • We offer members free printed marketing materials to help communicate the benefits of warranty coverage and why your property owner should select you for their sinkhole repair.  Click here for more information and to order materials.
  • After project completion, your client will receive a Certificate of Warranty Coverage from StrucSure Home Warranty.

If you have questions about this program or need more information, please call StrucSure Home Warranty at 1.877.806.8777 or email