Texas Re-Elevation Warranty Program

Thank you for your interest in StrucSure Home Warranty’s Texas home re-elevation warranty program developed specifically for re-elevation contractors.

Our re-elevation warranty covers workmanship/materials, delivery portions of systems (wiring, piping, and ductwork), and structural components for five years after project completion.  Our program offers a solid risk management solution that will provide peace-of-mind to both you and your clients.


Pricing is as follows:

Membership Fees:  $495

Warranty Fees:  Rate per thousand of the contract price (please contact us for an exact price quote).  Our warranty stands behind your warranty (surety coverage) for workmanship/materials, delivery portions of systems (wiring, piping, and ductwork), and structural components.


Show your clients that you understand the stresses inherent in re-elevating their home and are committed to making their re-elevation project a positive, worry-free experience. Offer them a third-party, insurance-backed warranty from StrucSure Home Warranty and:

  • Ease homeowners fears and provide peace-of-mind
  • Set your company apart from the competition by offering a third-party, insurance-backed warranty
  • Build your credibility
  • Add value to your jobs and close more deals
  • Manage the risk in your day-to-day operations
  • Provide written performance standards so expectations are successfully set and met
  • Provide your clients with peace-of-mind knowing that any warranted defects will be resolved in the event you are unwilling or unable to address them
  • Protect  yourself from expensive and time-consuming claims, liabilities, and legal fees
  • Benefit from another layer of protection between you and an unhappy homeowner
  • Get warranty administration and claims support on covered defects

If you have questions about this program or need more information, please call StrucSure Home Warranty at 1.877.806.8777 or email info@strucsure.com.